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the C2 design story

I founded C2 based on my passion for technical challenges. Despite what you may read, modern technology does not “just work.” It may promise the end user a lifestyle of inter-connectivity at the flick of a switch or the tap of a touchscreen. In reality, there are many puzzle pieces that have to fit together to make that happen, and far too many of them remain elusive. But I love a great puzzle.

My journey to C2 Design began on my paper route. I would fill up my Radio Flyer wagon with electronic outcasts from the tree lawn, certain that something magical was inside those simulated wood grain and Bakelite boxes. I was determined to figure out what it was and make it work once again. Disassembling my finds started me on a quest to learn what all those parts were and understand the importance of their relationship to one another.

More recently, I’ve spent time in technical theater, broadcast video production, facilities maintenance, energy management, high-end security and the commercial and residential integration fields. Since 1992 my focus has been the integration of technologies that don’t play nice together. My belief is that technology should augment and optimize your living experience, not hold you hostage. I take the responsibility of realizing your technical goals seriously and my career and success have been based largely on my clients’ satisfaction.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of technical component permutations that could be combined in an integrated residential system. But will it be the right result for you? Or the best result? Will it be the result you anticipated? I pride myself in being a good listener and a good teacher. Our success together is based on my ability to hear your plans and then parse out the cues that will inform the best outcome for you and your space.

Your project is unique and realizing your vision requires a very specific set of skills. The C2 team is comprised of industry experts whose specialized knowledge and veteran experience equip us to meet any residential technology demand. And the knowledge base extends beyond our team and into a network of passionate partners around the country. 

Consider my bio an invitation to contact me personally via phone or email. Let’s start a discussion about how we can work together. I look forward to it.


Jim Felderman